Ashley Martinez, Jonathan Novella, York Carter, Tsechu Dolma
11th Grade Chemistry-Period 7
February 13th, 2009
Chemistry Study Guide
20.) (3) Atomic Number- Each element on the Periodic Table are arranged in order of increasing atomic number because the atomic number represents the amount of protons and the amount of electrons in an atom of the element.

21.) (3) Metalloid- Antimony is classified as a metalloid because it lies in Group 15 and Period 5. Metalloids are also called semimatals and they do not have metallic properties. They are found on the right side of the table.



25.) (3) When ion is positively charged, it has fewer electrons.

26.) (2) Strontium has the lowest elctronegativity

27.) (3) Nitrogen has the highest electronegativity out of the choices.

28.) (1) A negative ion carries more elctrons.

29.) (1) Hydroxide is a covalent bond, and hydrogen and oxygen are sharing electrons, and they're nonpolar.