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Study Guide Questions 30-39
30. Correct Answer is (4) Number of same of valence electrons:
Lithium and potassium are both in the same group. With this they have the same number of valence electrons. Elements that pertain to the same group share similar chemical properties.
31. The correct answer is (3) remains the same:
When an element becomes an ion it either loses or gains electrons. An electrons mass is so minuet that it’s mass is considered to be zero amu. Therefore if an elements gains or loses an electron its mass number remains the same.
32. The correct answer is (1) 2Ca(s) + O2(g)→ 2CaO(s):
In Electrons are transferred from one reactant to another when the result is a covalent compound. In a covalent compound electrons are transferred form one element to another.
33. The correct answer is (2) KCl:
an ionic compound on element must be a metal. In this case potassium is the metal.
34. The correct answer is (1) 6:
There is a triple bond between the two carbon atoms. With this is each bond consists of two electrons being shared. Two times three is six.