Compounds such as NaCl (salt) are ideal for to dissociate the salt ions when it comes in contact with water. The NaCl compounds start to separate into their respective ions, Na+ Cl-. The more particles there are, the greater the effect on colligative properties, which are particle dependent.One example of the particle dependent property would be the freezing point depression. The creation of ice-cream can surely be seen as an endothermic reaction, because it absorbs the energy needed for it to be in a stable composure. The solid (Ice) goes through an endothermic reaction. It absorbs heat, in order for it to melt.This results in a change of phase from solid to liquid. Ice is used to cool the ingredients for ice-cream, and heat energy is taken in from the ingredients and the surrounding objects, such as one's hands, if they are holding the bag. It also makes the freezing point decrease more. This process of adding salt makes the ice cubes colder than it was before which ultimately results in freezing the ice cream igredients and creation of icecream.