Observations were made of less than a teaspoon of mystery hydrate 1. Then before placing it in a crucible, the crucible itself is weighed on a scale. Afterwards, the substance was in the crucible, being weighed once more. To determine the mass of the hydrate, the mass of the crucible must be subtracted from the crucible containing the substance. The crucible was then placed on the crucible stand which was on top of the burner. Observations were then made of the changes made during the heating process. After the substance ceased to change in its physical appearance, it was once more weighed after it cooled down. To determine the percent evaporated from the substance, the amount of water lost from the hydrate must be divided by the original mass of the hydrate. After the percent is found, the percent of the substance will then be compared to other substances percent of water contained within them. Whatever percent matches closest to the percent of the mystery hydrate, will be the substance of the mystery hydrate.